Document Translations with Carefully Chosen Words

Of course, you expect to have accurate document translations that reflect the original meaning of the document that is being translated, and at Apex Translations, we go beyond that. We understand that language is very complex and is closely related to the culture of the people who will read it. We realize how important it is to know that words that are appropriate in one [...]

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Accurate Document Translation is Key

At Apex Translations, we know that every word counts when you need document translation services. For that reason, we have language experts that not only know how to accurately translate documents, but they are also experts in your particular field. Our translations in the Medical, Biomedical, and Pharmacological fields are completed by professional medical translators who are fluent in at least two languages. Many of [...]

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Successful Businesses and Organizations Choose Our Document Translation Service

We are proud to say that some of the most successful companies in the nation choose to use our document translation service, including many agencies of the U.S. Government. Some other industries that use our services are Engineering/Manufacturing, Automotive, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Financial/Insurance, Education, Media, Legal, and Aviation. A few of our clients are these: Columbia University Medical Center Warner Brothers Associated Press National Legal [...]

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The Translation Seen Around the World

After Hurricane Sandy, all eyes were on New York City Mayor Bloomberg... or rather, on the sign language interpreter assisting him. He gave a dry speech to update New Yorkers on the latest hurricane news, but it seemed that everyone was more interested in watching Lydia Callis, the sign language translator standing nearby. She was animated, charismatic, bright, and it was impossible to look away. [...]

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The Evolution of Translation

International Translation Day just passed thisSeptember 30th. Each year, special recognition is given to St. Jerome, on the day of the patron saint of translation. And on his special day of remembrance, the whole world acknowledges the importance of translating texts from one language to another. Translation is something we have been doing since the dawn of time. The first uttered words spoken by primitive [...]

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