How do we find the best translators?

The above question is not only asked by a competent translation agency, but also by presidents, governmental ministers and leaders of nations, monarchs, patent attorneys, corporate CEOs who guide global businesses, medical and pharmaceutical professionals, ambassadors, diplomats, universities, educators, journalists, press secretaries, travel guides and authorities, writers, musicians, artists, poets, and even actors and actresses. (Think international cinema and those oh-so-necessary subtitles.) One could argue [...]

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It’s Beginning to Look Like…….Flag Day, Fourth of July, Festivities…and Standards!

June-July, 2014 It's hard to believe that America continues to carry on patriotic traditions that were born long ago, but we Americans like to remind ourselves of freedom, flags, (Old Glory, that is), and firecrackers. Underneath all the frivolity, however, the average American heart never fails to be stirred by a mid-summer parade right down Main Street, Elm Street, Washington Street, First Street, Oak Street, [...]

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There Is a Cost for Mistranslations, Historical Costs…

In the course of history, translators have made errors, some more consequential than others. A few have had serious, adverse effects. Obviously, some inaccurate translations have resulted in hilarious nonsense we often read in day-to-day life, such as in manuals, textbooks, menus, maps, print advertisements, or even traffic signs. Sometimes, more often than not, there are serious linguistic blunders with global consequences. The following are [...]

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Apex Just Won’t Let It Go . . .

This year’s Academy Award-winning song, Let It Go, is a popular, worthy, albeit hum-able tune, but at Apex Translations, we (our translating staff, linguists, proofreaders, and editors) will hardly let your document go without extensive examination that every translation benchmark has been met or even surpassed. As seen in the video below, a genius rendition of a multi-language translation of the theme song of Frozen, created, produced, and helmed by [...]

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Apex Translation Services – an Olympic Athlete!

The Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, are nearing to its opening ceremony this week. Symbols of this international occasion have been slow to rear their heads, but after many submissions of what the Sochi mascot should be – the winners have been announced. Yes, there are winners: a polar bear, a snow leopard, and an arctic hare. Why so many? Here is a possible [...]

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Happy New Year from Apex Translation Services

Whenever we receive a translation request from one language to English, there is one revered reference our Apex translators value and use above all others - the OED.  Most people are not acquainted with the O-E-D, the Oxford English Dictionary, the time-honored written authority on recording the English language since 1884. As this blog has stated before, language, and (especially the English language) is a [...]

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